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Author Topic:   3 link swing arm
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posted November 01, 2005 03:59 PM  
has anyone here ran a 3 link swing arm set up? I am planning on running at Lucas Oil Speedway in the B mod class next year and just trying to figure out which is better running the springs on swing arms, or running them on top of the housing. here is what the rules state.....

16 ) REAR SUSPENSION - Two options: Aftermarket three link design or multi-leaf spring design.. All components must be steel. All mounts and brackets must be welded or bolted solid.

A.) Three link design requirements: Must use minimum 19-inch long lower control arms. Must use one upper control arm, solid tube only, (no pull bar spring or biscuit assembly), located at top center of rear end housing and remain centered on housing over drive shaft. May use minimum 19-inch long panhard bar located behind rear end housing or minimum 19-inch long j-bar mounted to a steel pinion bracket. Measurements are from center of heim joint to center of heim joint. May mount rear spring directly over axle housing or use coil over eliminators (sliders). Lower spring perch or coil over mount must be welded to rear-end housing. No bird cages or floating mounts allowed. Must use steel upper weight jack if spring are mounted over axle housing.

Any help or ideas would be appreciated.

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posted November 01, 2005 04:12 PM  
I would put the 2 three link bolt on mounts you have, tack them good, or tap the housing. Then put both the swing arms in the lower mounts, the lr in the top hole, the rr in the 2nd hole up to start.
Then put the 275 on the lr, and the other spring, 200 or 225 i cannot remember on the rr.You may need to go to a 225-250 on rr, but drive it and see how it is.
The third top link, just use a solid dom tube, from the top of the rear, to the bottom hole on your pull bar mount. Run the j bar on the 2nd form bottom hole to start and like 6 inches up on frame mount(trying to rememeber the car).
Then go out with like 57% rear, 52 % left, about 130 lr bite.
On that car you just need to put the cups and weight jacks, with the spring on the swing arm and not worry about the binds of the sliders(they all will bind some in time, get dirt inside them).
Leave the front springs for now, 900lf and 1000 rf.
good luck.
pm me or email me for more help or info if you want.


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posted November 01, 2005 04:18 PM  
Zero, it's no longer pink, thanks for the help will I have to run a slider? Also have noticed the rear is tweaked over a bit to the right, how did that happen? just wondering, a friend of mine owns some frame machines and he want to pull it back over but I don't want to affect the car if it was working fine. Also PM me with some history on this car if you have any previous owners ect. thanks

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posted November 01, 2005 05:36 PM  
check you pm's

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posted November 01, 2005 05:42 PM  
I never crashed it, other than bumpers. and the drivers foot box.
NO you will not need sliders you can just mount the cups i gave you like it is on the rr, it will owrk fine.

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