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Author Topic:   Cog Drive Belts ?
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posted October 04, 2005 09:13 AM  
I was considering going to a cog belt, or gilmer / HTD belt drive set up to drive all my Acessories, water pump & PS pump.

Any run this type of set up?

We currently run a BG belt drive pump with a crank mandrel and cog belt. I want to drive the WP and the PS pump that same way. I have heard guys having trouble with running fan blades with this set up ?

Dirt Freak

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posted October 04, 2005 09:58 AM  
You don't really need if you belt's aren't slipping now. But they will make sure they never will again! To much money for me though. I don't see that the load on the acc. is great enough to warrant the cost.

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posted October 04, 2005 07:55 PM  
hey krom,
i ran a htd setup all summer and it was great, the only issue we had was at first we broke belts on decelleration.
i solved that by going to a plastic fan and had an excellent season with this setup. we never ran over 220 degrees , without a shroud on alky it works great and cost was like 120.00 all together.
e mail me for more info or pictures. later buddy

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posted October 05, 2005 09:46 AM  
Thanks RPM, i'll email ya for some pics.

I just want to clean up the belt deal, and go to something thats less troublesome than V-belts.

I was worried about the fan, and the spacer set up and breaking belts etc.


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