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Author Topic:   Will this set up work?
Dirt Full Roller

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posted September 27, 2005 02:15 PM  
I'm switching rear suspensions to a 4 link Z link. Was wondering if something like this would work? Here's what I'm planning on doing:

LR: 4 bar on bird cage set up to have rear steer to induce torque thrust. Want to clamp the spring on a coilover in front of the axle to induce dynamic wedge. Also want to run a short panhard bar mounted on the left side of the pinion.

RR: Z link. Straight bars on front and rear (No swingarm) set up to have no rear steer. I want to clamp the spring behind to axle to promote dynamic wedge and give forward bite.

With this I want to use a lift bar instead of a pull bar.

Track I run on is a short tight track with around 10-12 degrees banking on the high side and pretty flat off the corners and down on the bottom side.

Any thoughts on this set up would be appreciated. I have run mono-leafs in the past and don't know much about this kind of suspension.

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posted September 28, 2005 06:42 AM  
The LR is pretty typical Skyrocket/Pierce style setup.

The RR I am afraid will make the car way to tight on the gas and you wont be able to turn it. I would either put the spring on top or in front on the BC.

Not many mods run a lift arm, especially in dry slick tracks. I think a pullbar would be better for you.

You may also find you need a little static rear steer to help the car turn.

But on the other hand it just might work for you and your track. Just be ready to make adjustments if you have too.

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