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Author Topic:   4 bar ?
Dirt Full Roller

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posted September 26, 2005 08:21 PM  
Just wanted to ask if any one has ever tried clamping both springs in front of axle and what effect it had. What about clamping just the right spring not the bird cages just the spings. Thanks

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posted September 26, 2005 11:01 PM  
well, if you put both springs in front, in theory it will cause the car to be very loose going in because the axle will rotate away from both springs. Then on accel it will be compressing both springs and probably tighten the car too much. If you were gonna clamp both springs, then do it like you would a 3-link. LR in front, RR behind. I've never tried clamping with a 4-link so I'm not speaking from experience on this. Maybe someone has tried this??????

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posted September 27, 2005 05:44 AM  
look at the DW9s, they are floating BCs with the LR clamped infront and RR on top.

with the springs clamped to the rearend and a floating BC 4bar car you get the drive with the bar angles, drive with axle wrap, and to help free it all back up roll steer.

Dirt Roller

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posted September 27, 2005 07:41 AM  
pierce has the provisions where you can run clamped both sides. only run it when the track is VERY tacky or tacky and rough. doesn't change the car very much on entry but frees it up a bunch on the gas. make sure there is no dust flying if you try it because you'll be turning little circles really quick. great tool for the right conditions.

Dirt Maniac

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posted September 27, 2005 09:46 AM  
I have run my 4 bar car with both springs clamped in front all year. Our track has been tacky almost every night and the car has been really fast when I can keep it running.
When the track is wet and sloppy the car is missile

Dirt Freak

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posted September 28, 2005 02:10 AM  
our rocket late model setup manual offers the double clamp as one of there base line setups.
it states:
** this setup is to be used on very tacky, short cornered race tracks, if track starts to slick much then you should take this setup out and use one more suited for slicker conditions.


radius rod locations are very important for this setup.

and it should be noted that the lift arm measurement is at 40" for both left & double clamp setups (all other setups start at 38").

i've never tried it myself, but hopefully that helps.

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