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Author Topic:   Bar Angle Questions/3-Wheelin' revisited again...
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posted September 22, 2005 08:21 AM  
A few weeks ago I posted a question to the Forum because our car was carrying the left front way (way) up in the air off of the corner. Here is the history/information...

We have a DW9, 4LR/ZRR

LR: Eliminator in front, shock in back, long bars.

RR: Spring on top, shock in front (I think), short bars with a chassis plug.

We are running a J-Bar with it set to where DW says to start--7" from the bottom of the frame on the frame side, 2nd hole up on the pinion side.

We are also trailing the RR 1/4".

A bunch of people replied to my original post that the bar angles were causing the left-front to lift so high in the air. So, I finally got the locations/angles of our bars in hopes that some of you can give some advice.

Before I give you the angles, we race on an egg-shaped 1/2 mile oval that is tacky 30% of the time, dry-slick 70% of the time.

LR Bottom Bar: It is mounted in the top hole on the frame side which gives it about 10* of angle downward from the frame to the rear end.

LR Top Bar: The top bar is mounted on the 3rd hole from the top, giving it about 17* of downward angle from the frame to the rear end.

RR Front/Bottom Bar: The front/bottom bar (it's a z-link) is mounted in the center hole on the chassis side (4 holes from the bottom) and has 2* of downward angle from the chassis back to the rear end.

RR Top/Z-Link Bar: The z-link bar has 5* of downward angle leading from the bird-cage back to the chassis.

During the feature, we tend to turn 6200-6400 rpm and I'm going to make a gear change to try to get the rpms closer to 6700-6900 rpm. Mainly, I'm doing this because we are under-powered and I feel we need the help off of the turns.

In addition to carrying the LF so high, my driver also complains that he is way loose off of the sweeping turn--especially when it gets black. So, I'd like advice on what changes I can make to remedy both problems and, if possible, what changing each bar will do to the handling.

Thanks for your help...


PS-This Saturday is our last race of the season... I know you shouldn't change too much at once, but we really have nothing to lose.

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posted September 23, 2005 03:59 AM  
heres just an idea, maybe try softening the right front spring.

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posted September 23, 2005 06:47 AM  
When it slicks off, drop that LR bottom bar down one hole (less angle) in it. As well bring the rear facing bar on the Z-Link RR, or the top one, up to level at ride height. That will tighten the car up all the way around.

The 3 wheeling, not to sure about that, it could be the angle in the LR bars, but your J-bar is not to low. So it shouldnt 3 Wheel to bad.

Are you maxing out on travel on the RF? Rocket's suggestion is a good one, it would help tighten entry as well.

Is that LR spring, clamped up? clamped to the axle housing? seperate from the birdcage?


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