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Author Topic:   Ride height issues
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posted September 04, 2005 10:58 PM  
Last week, I reset the ride heights on our DW9 to within the range of what DW suggests as a starting point. Here is where they were set to:

LF: 5-7/8" RF: 6-1/8"
LR: 6-3/8" RR: 6-5/8"
(Since it matters, we are running on Hoosiers.)

Once I got the car on the scales, it had 113 lbs. of LR bite, so I changed the jacking bolts/slider evenly to adjust the bite to where I wanted it. (I changed it to 56 lbs... Since DW suggests 20 lbs., I didn't want to go overboard.)

I've been told that if you add/remove weight in a corner evenly (1 round in the left front, 1 round out of the right front, etc.), it will not affect your ride heights that much... So, after scaling it, I never thought to recheck it. (I know, that was my 1st mistake...)

Once we got closer to race time, everyone in the shop noticed that it appeared that the right-front was sitting lower than the rest of the car. I've been boggled ever since as to why, but I have a theory:

Is it possible that adding 1-turn in the coil-over slider changes the spring rate/ride height on that corner at a different rate than the jacking bolt does? If so, then the problem I have is that the LR is too high--which makes it look like the right-front it lower. Does this make sense?

From now on, I'll measure during scaling, too...but I want other opinions on this.



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posted September 05, 2005 04:31 AM  
when adjusting like this (diagonally) across the car you will need to experiment a little to find the correct amount. 1 turn on a 700lb spring is much different to 1 turn on a 200lb spring.
you may need to try 1 turn with the front springs & 2 turns for the rear springs, or 1 turn for the fronts & 1 1/2 turns for the rears.
what you did was correct, you will just need to experiment a little with your own car/springs to find a happy medium.
scaling time can be boring and very time consuming but there is a lot to learn by spending the extra time and trying things. particularly when you want to make a change at the track.

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posted September 05, 2005 02:57 PM  
the amount of travel equal to 1 turn of the jack bolt is determined by the thread of the bolt. Are your jack bolts course or fine thread?

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posted September 05, 2005 03:23 PM  
After I posted I got to thinking about that, too...

I think the jacking bolts are fine and the coil-over slider is coarse... I'll have to check the next time I work on the car.



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posted September 05, 2005 05:58 PM  
should be the other way around. jack bolts course, sliders fine.


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