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Author Topic:   RF Spring Change
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posted August 31, 2005 09:04 PM  
Need some help discussing a right front spring change with a driver. If I read my AFCO / Racewise book correctly, stiffening the right front spring will make a care looser on entry and tighter on exit. The reason, as I understand it, is the stiffer spring will allow the car to maintain wedge on entry and it will dewedge on exit. With a 4 bar suspension, maybe the softer spring allows the left rear to hike up more placing more rear steer into the chassis making it feel loose?

Why would the driver insist that the stiffer right front spring tightens the car on entry? Would "pitching" the car into the corner result in a "tighter" feeling car because he can pick up the throttle faster to drive the car out of the corner resulting is the car feeling better?

I just need some help understanding the viewpoint.

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posted September 01, 2005 09:18 AM  
Actually, stiffening the RF spring will tighten the car everywhere thru the corner, but most on entry and middle.

I think your driver is feeling the effects of the change correctly.

Brake settings can hide small RF spring changes, i.e. more rear brake than the prespring condition can make a car looser on entry.

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posted September 01, 2005 11:24 AM  
Not on my car.

Stiffer RF spring loosened entry.

Softer RR losened entry, tighten exit.

I think it has alot to do with where the springs are mounted and what kind of rear suspinsion your running.

Also how the car is drove into the corners, off or on the throttle, up on the bars or off, or just coming down.

Alot of variable, but i could imagine it would tighten with some rear suspensions now days.

Were on a 4-Z (right side swing arm), LR spring behind.


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posted September 01, 2005 03:15 PM  
Krom is right . It all depends how the driver controls the car during entry.I'll let you decide. Three drivers same car no different setup between drivers one puts the car in throphy dash one said the car was way too loose and the other said the car was too tight.Track was same condition for all drivers . One one with the faster time tossed it in the corner, the one with the slowest time powered thru the corner and the other braked for the corner. Like I said it depends how the driver drives as to what may work for him.

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posted September 01, 2005 04:34 PM  
stiffer rf spring holds dynamic bite in the car whick loosens entry tightens on exit. Tossing the car probably is fast on the tack but wont work on the dry

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posted September 04, 2005 10:54 AM  
Donslink is 100% correct.
Last night I switched the front springs from 900RF and 800LF to 900LF and 800RF(swapped them)Nothing else was changed and i even re-scaled to the same numbers.Car was HORRIBLE.Would not turn going in and loose coming off.

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