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Author Topic:   Pull Bar/Forward Bite
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posted August 23, 2005 07:55 AM  
Before I go into my question, let me give some background: A few weeks back, we switched to our newer backup car. We actually won a race with the old car but lately have been struggling with a lack of constancy in the handling department. The other car seemed a lot more erratic than this car does. We believe that the problem is worn springs and/or shocks since it has a lot of races on it.

This is why we brought the other car out... Now my question:

On the new car, we have been fighting with a lack of forward bite out of the turns. The car gets up on the bars fine and seems to do okay in the turns, but when the driver gets back in the gas, he can't get the power to the ground. Many people, including myself, have accused the driver of having too heavy of a right foot...but, I would like to find a way to make it better.

This past week, we lowered the pull-bar to add more bit and it helped a little... What other ways can we add bite without changing the setup. (The car seems fine otherwise--just not as fast out of the turn.) I've read that locating the pull-bar to the left of center of the rear will add more LR bite--would this help us?

Thanks for your help...


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posted August 23, 2005 08:01 AM  
Yes, it will. Also, if you have lead the lr to much it will cause the car not to want to come off the corner. If you adjust it back a 1/2 inch it may make it alittle tighter in the middle but you should be able to throttle out of it once it gets up on the bars.

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