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Author Topic:   4link Zlink or Mono leaf?
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posted August 14, 2005 09:17 AM  
Have been running a monoleaf and have run decent this season. Was thinking about running a 4 link z link car next year. Would it be a big improvement? The guy that is leading the points and that has won the most races is running this set up. Most other cars at are track are 3 link or mono leaf but the 4 z seems to be the most consistent.

Dirt Maniac

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posted August 14, 2005 10:40 AM  
we ran multi leaf lr and monoleaf rr last and to had good luck it.
This year we moved to a Pierce 4-Z car and wouldnt go back some nights are kinda tricky but we usely seem to make do with car.
U get alot more side bite and forward bite with these at least Pierce cant say for others.

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posted August 14, 2005 10:51 PM  
Funny I hear this a lot. While I dont think that the leaf setup is better than the 4 bar setup. There sure are a lot of leaf cars still winning and running well against the 4bar monsters.

I believe over all it is an improvement to go to a 4bar. But keep in mind there will be a learning curve when switching to the 4bar for both driver and setup.

Also leaf cars are forgiving and require very little maintenance, if there are no bind concers then you go run the car.

While with the 4 bar you need to be on top of your game, if miss a little setup wise you very well may miss a lot on the track.
The 4bar requires more setup time in the shop and at the track, you have to stay on top of it.

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