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Author Topic:   How much bite?
avenger 11
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posted August 11, 2005 07:47 PM  
I am running a clamped 4-link LR,spring on top two-link RR.What is everybody with this set up running for LR bite?I have been told anywhere from 40-150 pounds.I only have two more nights to try it,and I would like to figure it out before I park it for the season.It has a Chevelle stub.

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posted August 11, 2005 09:27 PM  
I run the 4-2 but my spring placement is different. My LR is floated behind the axle on the bc. The RR is clamped behind the axle also. With yours having the LR clamped I would think you would have even more forward bite than my car. (I've never ran LR clamped so I don't know) But with that said, I run between 50-70 lbs of LR. My car will carry the LF about 6-8" the whole way around the track and if I move the LR upper bar up one hole, then I do good to be able to SEE over the LF tire!!! If I were you, I'd try 50lbs to start with. If the car hasn't got forward bite...... Maybe try your LR bar angles and/or floating the spring behind, like I stated I have never ran the clamped LR but from hearing other people's experiences and seeing other cars I've raced against with the LR clamped, they all seemed to have good foward bite. The 4-2 is excellent with forward bite. So I wouldn't think you'd have a problem there.
Start with 50lbs LR!

Hope that helps.

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