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Author Topic:   Scale %'s
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posted August 09, 2005 09:50 AM  
Why arnt front split numbers looked at closely like LR bite is?

Helped a guy with a car a couple weeks ago and his numbers sounded great but were tragicly ill handling.

55% rear, 52% left side, and 40lbs RR bite (LR clamped deal, heavy track) and like 47% cross. Everything looked fine, but the front split was about 150 lbs.

Finnally figured out it was a mismarked RF spring, marked 800lb, rated at 600lb. Once it was replaced alot of issues disappeared.

Just wondered why no one ever mentions front splits. I actually started looking at mine more closely. Hopefully it will help find any problems early on.

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posted August 09, 2005 11:44 AM  
This is why you have to concern yourself with the 3 main percentages AND lr bite. Too many people get wrapped up in obtaining the magical lr bite number and ignore everything else. Crossweight has more to do with handling than lr bite does.

40# of lr will act total different in a car with 47% cross versus a car with 55% cross. Both are obtainable with the same car and the same rear split.

Personally I scale cars by the percentages than note the lr bite to look for irregularities. Chassis builders started adding the lr bite to setup sheets for this reason. Lr bite along with rear, cross, and left percentage will insure that everything is right.

Play with the wheel weight calculator in the toolbox and you will see how many different ways there is to come up with one lr bite number.

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