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Author Topic:   Wheel backspacing
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posted June 30, 2005 07:22 AM  
I have a DW9 with a 4/Z setup (LR Slider, RR Spring on top of rear) and I was wondering if anyone could tell me a good starting point for the wheel backspacing?

DW's Website says LF 4", RF 3", LR 4", RR 3". A local driver that runs a DW9 and someone from DW both told me something different. They said to run LF 4", RF 3", LR 3", RR 4".

I ordered the wheels to give me what DW said--but I was wondering if anyone knew of anything different...?

I also keep saying this: I will post the information from the setup that is on the car so you guys can tell me if it seems like a good starting point. I just keep finding things to do to the car to get it ready for our first race and I run out of time to measure everything. I will do it by Saturday, though.



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posted June 30, 2005 07:28 AM  
The DW recomended wheel offsets, versus the other recomendations will make the car tighter on entry, and a tick looser off.

The DW recemmendations will be the looser in set up. Maybe some guys have found that the car is a little to free on entry with the DW9's, maybe there trying to balance it out more.

Plus most drivers have a hard time with a car that is loose in. I think i would go with the 2nd recommendation if you have a new-er driver.

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posted June 30, 2005 07:57 AM  
i found that on my dw8 i need to run 4" on both left side and 3" on both right side and the car is really nice into and through the corner.

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posted June 30, 2005 08:17 AM  
Since we do have a newbie driver... I think it would be better if the car was a tick loose instead of tight. (I also read the same reply on my other post.)

Being a newbie setup person...what is the difference between the DW8 and the DW9? The only other modified I ever worked on was based on the Ford LTD front end--so I know nothing about this chassis. Are they decent...? Bascially, this is a starter car for us. It was new in February of 2004--but it has seen it's fair share of racing.

As I said before, I'm going to get my current setup (bar angles, spring rates, weights percentages, etc.) and post them on here tonight or tomorrow morning...maybe some of you experts can tell me how to get close to a good starting point.



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