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Author Topic:   chassis
Dirt Maniac

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posted June 29, 2005 05:27 PM  
Has anyone ever got hold of a chassis that they just couldn't make work. I've been doing this a while and fancied myself as getting pretty good at setting up cars, but I just can't make this stupid thing turn. The last car I had I could make it do whatever I wanted, but not this one. I've tried 2 different front ends and who knows how many rear ends and car will not turn. I've ran it as 3Link, 4/zLink, I've had trailing arms from 36" to 12" and panhard bars and Jbars from 37" to 8" and the stupid thing will not turn. Am I crazy here or has anyone else had an experience like this?

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posted June 29, 2005 07:31 PM  
Well, I'll tell you my story!
I bought a new mod from a local builder. 4 bar car. When I first got it, I was trying to run direct drive PG's. Every week the trans would last about 3-5 laps. So I never really got to race it. I had a sponsor that was building my trannys. I finally decided that even though they were free it was still costing me money. So I put a 3-speed manual trans. it it. The first time out, the car was on a rail! The best car I have ever drove. Then on the last lap I got spun out and another car hit me head on and it bent my frame (the stub).

So I sent it back to the builder, he re-stubbed it and I put it back like it was before. The car then would not turn! Drove like junk! My first thought was they didn't get the stub aligned right and the car was useless! Then I got to messing around with the front geometery. I noticed on my old stub the upper control arms were lower than the stub currently under the car. I don't know why. Both were the small metric frame but the upper arm mounts were different. So I got a Roll Center program and started messing with it. My RC was TERRIBLE!! So to fix it I lowered the upper arm inner mounts down to the chassis and in towards the center of the car. (I had then on the factory cross shaft) When I did that, it came alive! Back like the way it used to be.

Now, I'm sure that in no way pertains to your situation. But if I had used the second frame first, then I never would have known the first stub had lower mounting points, therefore I probably never would have thought about it. And then the car would never work.

So in my opinion you can definatly get a car that won't work!!

Dirt Maniac

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posted June 30, 2005 01:00 PM  
Well, I thought that could be one of my problems, the front geometry that is. So, I took the car that I had working and copied the front end on it, thinking it would make the other one work. NOPE. Not even close to turning. It is an older car, and I'm just wondering if maybe the chassis is starting to flex on me. I have literally changed everything on this car without being able to make it turn in. With everything else I already said, I've run from 50%-57% left side, 53%-60% rear and 48%-55% cross. I've also run from 80lbs. of RR to 300lbs. of LR trailing arm angles of 5* to 25*, panhard bar and pullbar in every configuration imaginable, I even tried it with and without the braking shock on both IMCA and UMP tires. Something should have made this thing free getting into the corner, but it hasn't. I'm really ready to just quit racing and save up for a new chassis next year. I would put everything back in the old car, but I rolled it at the end of last year. It ***** going from being a contender each week to finishing last in every race.

Dirt Freak

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posted June 30, 2005 01:12 PM  
I bought a home built car that track champion two out five years. The guy builds new ones every five years. I looked him up after buying it to ask for some tech support. He said for some reason, that car, was always a little on the loose side and he never got it figured out. I have it doing okay now but It's taken about a 1/2 year and it's still a little loose going in. Last week we bent the underslung. When we get it fixed I hope it's the same. My point is here I have a car that turns to well. And beleive it will always. But this is also my first. I was watching his driving style a few weeks ago. A buddy(joey) who has known him for a while, say's the builder always was the kind to throw the car in, and wrestle into submission around the apex. Not my style at all. So maybe that car just goes agianst your grain?

Dirt Freak

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posted July 05, 2005 07:52 AM  
Sadly, I can relate your tale of ill handling. I have had 2 cars over the last 3 to 4 seasons. the current car was a feature winner, previous owner had a tremendous record of victories. However since I have owned it has done nothing but push like a dump truck. I have had good support from the builder, check the front end several times, adjusted rear many times only to get the same results or worse. Best I can hope for is to stay out on the track avoid wrecks and try not to get lapped, and try to stay out of the way, should the leaders come my way. I have scaled the car countless times, I can hit the exact numbers that the builder suggest to start. I have not driven that many years so after a while you start to question your drivinig and anything else in question. After fighting this for the better part of 2 seasons, I have had my fill. I am taking vacation to take the car back to the builder to go over it with him to see what is going on. Then at that point I am also going to let another driver give the car a shot and see how it handles for him in a practice session to get some feedback, from a different perspective. Since the car has pushed ever since I have had it, I think a fresh driver will give me decent feedback concerning what the car is doing. Through the process I have learned a lot about the car due to changing so many things. Each week thinking this time I may have the problem solved but only to have car push again. So yes I would have to agree you can have a car that just wont work.

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