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Author Topic:   3-link question HELP NEEDED!!
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posted June 20, 2005 05:26 PM  
I run a 3-link with a long biscuit bar. The trailing arms are connected to the middle of the rear end housing. I run a 175# LR spring and a 230# RR spring. The left rear trailing arm is 10 inchs long mounted level with the ground and the right rear is 22 inches long with @ 5 degrees of upward angle. The J-bar is mounted center of the pinion with the frame side at a 5 degree upward angle. I also run on Hoosier tires. The problem I am having is the left rear hikes up WAY too much, and the left front is almost 2 feet in the air. The car handles descent but is a bear to drive, I also feel some of this horsepower could be used to move the car forward instead of lifting it up so high. Here is a picture from the track photographer
I was thinking of moving the left rear trailing arm beneath the rear end housing but was wondering what this would do. Would it calm it down? Would it lose the GREAT forward bite it already has? Would any other changes need to be made? Thanks for any help.

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posted June 20, 2005 06:05 PM  
If you can id lengthen the lr bar about 3-4 inches. i wouldnt change much if your happy otherwise. The longer bar but still shorter than the right will tame it down some.

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posted June 20, 2005 06:38 PM  
what makes a three link hike up that much, the ones that ive seen dont get up near that much and dont carry the lf that it short links, or panhard bar angle or what?

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posted June 20, 2005 06:47 PM  
Hey badfast, I ran it with alot of angle in the pull bar and it still wheelied. I really think it is the short bar on the left rear mounted in the center of the axle housing. I think this would be BAD fast on McCreary tires, but unforunately the closest track running McCreary (American Racers) is 3 hours away.
Thanks for the assistance, I will try a longer bar on the left and mount it under the rear end housing instead of center. I'll let yall know what happens.

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posted June 20, 2005 07:03 PM  
You say the LR bar is in the center of the housing??? Not under the housing, right?? Never seen anything like that! Would you happen to have any pics of the trailing arms mounted to the housing? I'd like to see that.

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posted June 20, 2005 07:24 PM  
I do not have any pictures available right now. It is two tabs welded to the center of the housing with the trailing arms mounted to it. The car works real good, but just has too much bite making it rare up. I really think on a tire like the American racer it is BAD FAST!! I will make a little trip here pretty soon and find out.

Next question is how far below the center of the rear end should I mount the trailing arm? There are mounts already underneath with two holes.

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posted June 20, 2005 08:42 PM  
That Motor sounds pretty nice to boot as well.
I agree if you can tame it down you will be fast you had a handfuloff the corners for sure .
Is that left spring clamped on the front or what ? Whats on the pullbar ? spring or rubber ?
where is the rr spring ? 230 ?
The bar longer would work to tame it
this setup is like the trackmaser cars were but the arms on theres are both the same .

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posted June 21, 2005 12:15 AM  
The right rear spring is located on top of the rear end housing. If you only knew about the motor. A little Limited Modified Motor, 355, on steroids, heeheehee. Hopefully I can calm it down.

Dirt Full Roller

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posted June 21, 2005 09:55 AM  
your setup is almost exactly what we ran in our past 3 cars except we ran 200lr 175 rr W/ WEIGHT JACKS w/800# spring on pullbar at 15 degrees w/ 90/10 flat and our springs were in front of housing we always fought the car on dry thing i did is have indicators on everything and put a porta power on back of cage then put other end on pullbar mt. then jack porta power until you get to indicator on pullbar then check to make sure that shocks aren't topped out also check 90/10 try running lr 11 in lf 15 in rf & 17 in rr and move your throttle rod down on peddle to slow it down you'll have to drill a new hole . We run z z now and it's got awesome forward bite on dry .good luck,BRAD

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