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Author Topic:   is this pushing or loose
Dirt Maniac

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posted June 13, 2005 06:47 AM  
slick track, semi banked, dw8...our car when rolling into the throttle from the apex off, it wants to go into like a four wheel drift, maybe it's roll steering but it's like the car wants to take a wider arch coming off when i'm gettin in the gas but i'm not really countersteering one way or the me, it's just not taking the bite and my momentum is carrying me to the outside...we got it on tape and you can see that it kind of drifts out when getting on the throttle..any thoughts...thanks

Dirt Forum Champ
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posted June 13, 2005 08:31 AM  
not to sound smart, but how's your entry? In most cases the car isnt entering the corner correctly and is causing the exit to be poor. Make sure you aren't over driving the car getting in on slick......its easy to do......and make sure your not throwing the car in, etc.

When you say "your momentum is carrying you out" that leads me to believe you are driving the car in way too hard for it to ever roll over and get set.

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Dirt Roller

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posted June 13, 2005 09:44 AM  
We had the same problem and then we put more split in the j-bar and our problem was solved

Dirt Maniac

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posted June 13, 2005 10:12 AM  
my entry of late has been a little looser than i would like...i've been running the four bar on the left, swing arm/zlink on the right...gettin alot of shock travel but the entry and side bite could be better...yesterday i went from a 250 to 300 on rr to help with that...2nd to none, you could be right, i'll see if more spring on rr will maybe help it "pivot" more instead to skating......we also run the straight bar with about 4 inches of rake...thanks for your responses!!

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Dirt Newbie

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posted June 13, 2005 10:13 AM  
sounds to me like lack of side bite. ya i agree more angle in the panhard bar or lower rear roll center.

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