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Author Topic:   Tight entry, help!!
Dirt Full Roller

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posted June 06, 2005 07:08 PM  
Here's what i've got
Larkins z-link,w/rear springs on top of housing.
lf 650 rf750
lr200 rr175
lf link 13deg.up to front
lr link 9deg. up to front
rf &rr links 4deg up to front
long pull bar14deg down
J-bar 1" lower than pinion & 5" higher on left.
% without driver & full of fuel
100lb lr bite?
1/4 " rear steer
1.5 rear stager

I posted on here last month, with a loose everywhere problem. Found the left rear axle had moved to the right enough to disengage from the drive flange.Driving with both rears makes a huge difference!!!but now this thing seems way tight on late entry. The only way it will turn is to use the brakes hard and really throw it into the turn, then stand on the gas. It feels good when on the gas though. If I let off and it starts to push , there is no way to recover it!!. Our track has no walls and I pushed right off the track twice this weekend.

I'm thinking of swapping my front springs left to rt. & going with 200s across the rear, or 225, 200 . Am I moving the right direction? Will this also make it looser at exit?

Dirt Full Roller

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posted June 06, 2005 07:12 PM  
Also, I started with 52% cross and ended the night at about 49%. it was better going in but seemed to get looser on exit the more cross I took out.

Dirt Maniac

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posted June 07, 2005 01:56 PM  
Oluf First thing I would do is leave your numbers where they are at. Car's tight in how is it coming of the corner once you get it turned? Or better put because your probably alittle loose coming off because of the tight in, how is it when you get on the throttle on the starts? If it doesn't light them up here are some thing's to change.
1. Put the J-bar up level to the pinionif you can or close to it. If not take some rake out of it from the frame side.
2. If that doesn't help, flop your front springs Lf to Rt and Rt to Lt. This will help turn the car. When you flop your springs make sure you reset your ride height's and rescale try to keep the same numbers you have now. Your rf and lf will be alittle diff heavier on the Lf.
Try this and if it doesn't help PM me and we'll get it figured out for you!

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posted June 08, 2005 11:43 AM  
I would stiffen both of your rear springs to 225/200. The 225 should keep the car tight all the way around the corner and the 200 should keep the car tight in but let it turn when on the gas. Also higher rear springs will help the car get on the front better when you go in the corner. IMO. Good Luck.

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posted June 12, 2005 12:28 PM  
WOW!!! I can actually drive this thing now. Turn in is effortless, and it tightens right up on the gas. I flopped the front springs left to rt, and rt to left. put in a 200 rr,225lr,and 52.8 cross 144lr bite.
Thanks for the input!!. Now if I can just get my engine tuning sorted out LOL.

Thanks again, Josh

Dirt Maniac

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posted June 12, 2005 03:26 PM  
oluf, That's great to hear. Glad your happy with the car. If you need anything else just post or PM. Keep it going let us know when you get the big NUM 1!

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