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Author Topic:   another question for the engine gurus
Dirt Roller

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posted June 03, 2005 09:46 AM  
Ok engine guys I have a question. I had posted on here a little while back about getting jerked off the corners with my 355 motor. The overwhelming majority of everyone I talked to (even my builder who had the most $$$$ to said that my problem was most likely a gearing problem, not a down on power engine. Im afraid of turning it much more than what i already am. ( 6800 to 7000) with my stock bottom end. My first thought was to go to a 383 but for some reason my builder doesnt seem too keen on doing that. He seems to think if i change a gear my little motor will get the job done. I know wher a good 355 rotating assy. is at that i can get reasonable from a friend who has quit racing. Everything is still boxed up in fact. My question is that if i do stay with a 355 what do i need to do to max it out. I already have 11x heads and a super vic intake but it is a flat tappet motor. And I have a 850 AED gas carb and a 850 AED alky carb with the BG Bypass setup.

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posted June 03, 2005 11:13 AM  
Get a good roller cam, a set of shaft rockers, and try to get the compression up around 15-1 and turn it ~8500 and you should be as good as you going to get with that combo.

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posted June 03, 2005 04:42 PM  
Here is the answer to your question
for sale 383 roller motor
Engine was built by AEM (Waterloo Iowa) it is a 383 only ten nights on engine and everything in it was new when built. I do have all receipts for engine and have the dyno sheets as well. I have $10,000 in the engine alone. Here is what's in it. 010 block with Milodon splayed caps, Callies crank,Manley H beam rods,SRP pistons (14.5 to 1 comp),roller cam,all new roller lifters,valves,springs,retainers,keepers,rockers,stud girdle,iron eagle heads(220 cc)Victor Jr intake,fluid dampner balancer all ARP fasteners .8 qt oil pan Carb is a C&S billet aresol alky carb. Engine makes 600 hp and 550 ft# torque.$8000
If I get the engine sold I will have a rear mount kse tandem pump,bert bell housing and reverse mount starter and brinn tranny for sale. The pump and tranny all only have 10 nights on them also or if someone wants it all I would like $9500 OBO

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posted June 09, 2005 10:54 PM  
how big are the runners on your heads? if they are to big it will kill the torque comming off the corners on a 355.

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posted June 10, 2005 02:54 PM  
More compression to regain low speed power. Alky helps you. If your on gas, too big a port will slow you off the corner. Maybe you can apex early and run then down after the stretch start's. Sorta like a running start. You won't need to change gear this way.

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