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Author Topic:   Wheel Offsets ?
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posted June 01, 2005 07:58 AM  
What does moving the right front wheel offset do, say going from a 4" to a 3" off, stick the RF out more.

LF as well, say going from a 4" to a 5" or the other way.

I usually dont move offsets to much, but want to work with the front offsets more.

Thanks in advance, Krom.

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posted June 01, 2005 08:21 AM  
moving the Rf out or LF in will tighten the car on entry. Besides changing the way the front and rear track to ea other moving the wheel out effectively softens the spring and moving it in stiffens it. So by moving the RF out and LF in its like softening the RF25-50# and stiffening the LF 25-50#

Also keep in mind that it will move your roll center around some because you are moving the center of the tire contact patch. WE messed with front offsets on our DW some a few years ago but seemed like we always got along better with same old 3"off on both and never messed with them.

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posted June 01, 2005 08:55 AM  
Moving wheels further from centerline lessons wheel weight on that corner.

Moving the RR IN and the LF IN decreases cross. Moving the LR IN and the RF IN increases cross. Moving both left or right side will also change left or right side percentage. Moving both rear will not change rear percent.

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posted June 01, 2005 09:09 AM  
We run the Ford clip, with 4" on both sides its 77" wide. So i cant run 3" on both sides, it would be to wide, we get harassed now about it being so wide.

Anyway, moving the RF out 1" will be a good adjustment for me then. I can throw a 3" on the RF and tighten the car on entry enough to where i wont have to change anything else i hope. We'll try it and see.

If thats not enough, throw a 5" on the LF, should tighten it even more for the feature, great.

Looks like i need to work with offsets alittle more, looks like it can be usefull.

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posted June 01, 2005 09:31 AM  
we have played with spacers lately and found that we use a 1/2" spacer in rr and lf for slick, a 1" spacer in lr and no rr spacer as the track slicks a bit and thats as far as we got so far, we leave the lf 1/2" spacer in to clear the lower when we are turned and it really just loosens it a touch.

as far as offsets , we are going to use it more because our promoters are keeping the track way dry this season.

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posted June 01, 2005 10:34 AM  
Originally posted by Kromulous:
looks like it can be usefull.

Yes but its really nothing that you can't do with other changes. I'm with Dirtbuster on this, I run 4" offsets all around and never change them. It a PITA to try to carry enough different tires on enough different offsets to do what you want. Its the changes that the offsets make to the wheel weight/motion ratio that have the greatest effect on dynamics, not the change in track. Alot of people carried wheel offset theorys over from stock suspension type cars where you don't necessarily have weight jacks to work with. Its not really necessary on an easily adjustable car.

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posted June 01, 2005 10:36 AM  
What we do is set the car up for the heat race, we dont qualify, only draw a pill (which i hate). So its a one shot deal pretty much, you gotta make the heat race top 3 usually.

So the car generally starts out abit on the tight side in hot laps. Thats ok as long as its not overly tight, trying to find the sweet spot. Were trying to find a good set that i can put on the car thats perfect for the heat, and then an adjustment to tighten entry for the mains.

Usually in the mains i go to far one way or other, either to tight or loose in, and its equall and opposite effect coming out. so i'm looking for an adjustment that i can go to, to not change so drasticly but still make some difference.

The track as always dry slick pretty much, we race with sprint cars and the track just doesnt hold up to them well. Only thing that changes is that it will get rough sometimes. All in all the track is consistant week to week, dry slick 1/4 mile, high bank.

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