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Author Topic:   Dry-Slick Setup Help
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posted May 29, 2005 09:47 AM  
We have a 4-bar car built by a local builder and I was wondering if anyone out there could give us some pointers on a dry-slick setup.

We know the car is fast because we qualified on the pole last night with a slightly wet/tacky track...

The problem is that every time the track goes dry-slick (which lately is just about every week), we seem to be way too loose and can't get the power to the ground.

There also seemed to be some rear-end "hop" when the car started to hook up coming out of the turn. (The back end of the chassis bounced.) Our car builder said that he thought the top bars on each side had too much angle in them... What would lowering the top bars on each side do to the handling?

We race on a 1/2 mile abrasive track with 14 degrees of banking in the turns. (Last night the track was very rough since we ran last...and there was a touring late model series there.)

Any help would be appreciated.



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posted June 03, 2005 04:27 AM  
assuming that you left rear spring is mounted behind the axle on the bird cage.

try mounting the spring on a 0 valve shock on the back and run a 7/3 (comp/reb) on the front. you may need to experiment with valving but basically the stiffer compression will try to hold the car up on the bars a little more.

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posted June 03, 2005 11:16 AM  
see my [post and the replies titled "fastest,most effective dry slick changes" that will help a ton.

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posted June 03, 2005 11:57 AM  
Wheel hop is caused by many things. I would start by lowering both bars a hole up top...

For Dryslick:

Make sure you're not trying to pitch the car... Drive STRAIGHT into the apex and then turn the car

Make sure your tires have good fresh rubber on them, grind them if not

Pull the RR Tire in and move the Left rear out. Another quick and easy change is to move the panhard bar down a hole on the rearend or down an inch on the rearend.

You can also move the RF out some.

Mount lead up high on the right side for better side bite.

Slow down to go faster also... Easy on the throttle.

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