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Author Topic:   shock ?
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posted May 19, 2005 09:11 AM  
I was wondering what some of you guys have for shocks. My car seems to have a problem getting up on the bars and i was thinking about putting a eay up lr on and maybe a tie down on the right rear. don't really know what to run up front. My car is a 99 harris with a 4 bar lr behind the housing and z-link rr on top. thanks.

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posted May 19, 2005 09:24 AM  
yes you can use an easy up shock like a 5-3or even stiffer like 6-2 or whatever if you want but I doubt you will notice that much difference, unless you have a really stiff shock on there now.

Is your LR spring clamped in front or on the BC in front?

After rereading your other post on getting on teh bars, you said you needed it to roll more. ARe you talking on entry you want it to roll to the right more, like it needs more sidebite? Or are you wanting it to roll to get on the bars for traction coming out? With angle in the bars under power the LR will generally lift on its own, unless something is holding it down, like a bind in the chassis. If you feel like its not sticking on entry then you ned to concentrate on sidebite first not getting on the bars for forward bite.

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