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Author Topic:   Stagger question...
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posted May 16, 2005 12:22 AM  
Before I ask my question, let me tell you a little about my situation: I've recently began helping a local modified driver who, up until now, was doing everything himself. I have over 10 years of setup experience in the karting world, but none when it comes to the "bigger" cars. I do understand basic concepts like stagger, scaling the car, toe, etc. We just never had suspension--unless you count the "spring" in the tires or chassis's not quite the same, though.

With that said, what effect does stagger have on each wheel's weight? (For example, if you have 3" of front stagger and change that to 1.5", how much does taking that 1.5" away change the rf weight and cross %?) Is there a "rule of thumb" that says 1" = X lbs.?

Our car builder suggests that we run between 1.5-2" of front stagger and at least 3" of rear stagger in our car. When we measured the stagger after Saturday night's race, we had 3" front and 1" rear... This is probably due to the bad practice of putting a tire with good tread on and not checking the stagger beforehand. (That will not happen again!)

To get to a known baseline setup, I am going to try my best to set the stagger at the preferred setting and then rescale the car--since we don't know what stagger was on it when it was scaled last). Since we do have tires that are many different sizes (Hoosiers), I would like to know what effect stagger plays on the weights and what purpose front stagger serves... That way, if I do make a change, I'd like to know what the change I make is doing.

Any help/explanation is appreciated.



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posted May 16, 2005 07:59 AM  
There is no real rule of thumb to cover all cars. The only way to really know is to check it on the scales for your particular car. Also I will choose a better tire with the wrong stagger over a worn tire with correct stagger any day.

In general if you change stagger and nothing else, increasing front stagger increases cross and increasing rear stagger decreases cross.

The only difference front stagger makes other than changing wheel weights (can be done with weight jacks anyhow) is creating a slight r/l brake bias. More front stagger will slightly loosen the car when on the brakes.

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