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Author Topic:   Hoosier's vs AR's (IMCA's) ??
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posted May 09, 2005 07:36 AM  
I'm looking for opinions from someone who has ran both. Been fighting with Hoosier tires for the pas couple years, and i've never ran the IMCA spec deal.

It seems that the Hoosier's lack side bite, its no just us, but its the tire. The FWD bite is great usually but side bite is low.

Has anyone (thats ran both brands) noticed that the IMCA's have more sidebite than the Hoosier's or is it just me ? I'm just judging by pics and stuff i've seen of IMCA tires, but they look like they do but like i said i've never run the IMCA tire.

Just looking for opinions.

Thanks, Krom.

graham jackson
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posted May 09, 2005 08:22 AM  
Count me in for the IMCA tire, yes the bite is not as good but the tire last longer, cost less, promotes less HP, and the sidewall is thick enough that the tire mounts easy.

We have to run the A-40 and they are over priced, and a pain to mount.

Going to the IMCA would be awesome !

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posted May 09, 2005 08:44 AM  
Our track ran the hoosier tires for a couple years. We had to run A and H compound, the harder one on the RR. WE noticed more sidebite but less forward bite with the Hoosier vs. IMCA tire. WE never had any trouble mounting them or anything either.

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posted May 09, 2005 10:35 AM  
IMCA stinks. i say run the american racers with grooves inthem so they last longer. like usmts.

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posted May 11, 2005 11:38 AM  
I've run both, If you don't have bite with Hoosier's you'll be in big trouble with hockey puck IMCA's.

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posted May 11, 2005 12:05 PM  
Hoosiers side walls are to soft, while they have alot of bite, which is grand i guess, they scrub off loads of corner speed.

All you gotta do is "set" the car in the corner, and gouge on it and you can run up front if you got the power to out pull the others.

I'd like to run a tire that requires some skill to be fast with, and see some more passing and good racing. Most Mod races around here are lame, esecially on a dry-er track.

I notice that some of the IMCA guys run the smaller size tires with no bead locks on the RR. Must be looking for sidebite, thiking of doing somthing similar with Hoosiers. Just looking for new ways to do things is all.

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