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Author Topic:   Changes to make ?
Dirt Full Roller

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posted April 22, 2005 08:42 AM  
We put a new suspention under the rear of our car and ill need to make some changes, Im sure, to get the car to handle the way i would like. Its a full frame metric 3 link super stock. We installed a spring loaded 800# pull bar mounted to the center of the rear end with 12 degrees of angle. The j bar is mounted at pinion level with 4 inches of rake. Our spring perches are slightly in front of center on the axle tubes with 250# springs and 94 shocks on both sides. The trailing arms run up hill on both sides at 10 degrees and are at the same lenght. I can get 2 inches of stagger now with the tires i have for the rear. The biggest problem i have at the track i go to has always been loose in the corners and i want to change that this year. What suggestions do u have with this set up to get the car to tighten up if i need too ? I posted this in the modified section because i know alot of u have dealt with this before.

Dirt Full Roller

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posted April 22, 2005 09:08 AM  
Really depends on where it is loose in the corner. From what you've given try less stagger or softer RR spring.

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