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Author Topic:   tuning with pull bar
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posted April 20, 2005 01:43 PM  
Those of you that use a pull bar to help tune your chassis can you give me more indepth detail as to how much you adjust from left to right and do move only the top or do you move both the top and bottom? Also which way do you move for different conditions.


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posted April 20, 2005 07:27 PM  
I don't mess with mine. I set it in the center of the housing/driveshaft and go. But when adjusting, move BOTH ends. If not this can cause binding. A small difference in top and bottom like 1/4" or so probably won't have much effect because the heim joint can make that up. But anything more than that would cause a bind. I'm not sure (like I said I don't move mine) but I think you have to move around 1-1 1/2" to feel a difference.

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posted April 20, 2005 07:53 PM  
I will put in my 2 cents, not much different then 17's.
I mess with mine VERY LITTLE.
now as far as moving it around, as the track dries out you can move it to the left to help it put more drive in the lr tire. How to move this?? i would try to move both the bottom and the top over the same amount, if your not careful you can get some angle in them sideways, but probalbly by the time you get the car hiked up, you will be close to binding the hiems sideways.
how much to move would be a driver thing, i think it would take about 1 inch of differnece for you to ever notice any changes. this change is probably not going to be earth shattering.
other notes is harris claims to increase preload on the spring for slick tracks, so you could try that and see how you like it.
the main thing with your pull bar that you should worry about is keeping it clean and bind free.
other ideas for slick to tighten the car, spring rubber the lr spring, go up on the lr bars a hole, more rear % things like that.
whichever side the pull bar is closest too it will effect that side more, so if you want to load the rr more move it right.
but like 17 said and i agree for the most part i odnt mess with it much other than to make sure it is set with the right preload and the right pinon angle and it is clean so little chance of major binds.

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