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Author Topic:   NEED A LOT OF HELP HERE!!!! PUSH!!!!!
Dirt Roller

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posted April 16, 2005 10:28 PM  
we run a dirt prostock on a flat half mile. the car we run is a 77 camaro with a 3 link and track bar. the rulebook says stock mounting location for track bar so it is behind axle mounted to left side of axle and right side of frame. the axle side is mounted even with the centerline of the axle, the frame side is about 1 and a half inches higher. my percentages are 51 rear, 53 left, and 50.5 cross. i set the frame height off the right front by setting the inner pivot of lower control arm even with ball joint, then set the other 3 corners from there. the car weighs 3050. the car has a severe push, it actually rolls the right front right under and overheats immediately and just gets worse and worse. would raising the ride heights on all 4 corners be a good place to start? ive tried everything stagger, shocks, springs,camber, etc. what wheel offsets would help loosen? ive taken all the crossweight out and still pushes bad and just makes it worse coming off. the clip in front is brand new so ive eliminated suspension binds and the basic stuff. i figure by raising the up an inch on all 4 corners may get some weight transfer. any info will be greatly appreciated.

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