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Author Topic:   traction control
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posted March 28, 2005 03:03 PM  
I know this may not be a favorite subject, but I got to get this off my chest. Why do tracks continue to allow traction control when they know it is being used? We recently attended the race in West Plains, Mo. and saw it for the first time in person. If you want to drive a care like it is on pavement then go to a pavement track. The worst part was the track knew it was happening to the point they claimed the top 10 ignition boxes and auctioned them off. but they did nothing to disqualify anyone for this reason. How does someone that wants to keep it fun and affordable compete with that? I guess I am still a bit frustrated with the whole process.

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posted March 28, 2005 03:43 PM  
I attended that race. Who was running TC, and how can you be certain that it was in use?

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posted March 28, 2005 03:58 PM  
When the track goes as slick as it did each night and cars come off the corners straight I become interested. I prefer not to say who as it is currently just my impression. But it really looks suspicious when some cars run like the are on pavement. Perhaps I am wrong and they are just great set-up folks. However, I have been warned by several folks that have been around these for several years and in the buisness that this is the norm in these big money races. I do know this will be our last time at this race.

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posted March 28, 2005 04:15 PM  
Are you saying that just because a car doesnt have the tail hanging out on the verge of spiinning they are using traction control. Anytime you can get the car off straighter it will appear to come off harder.

I would say what you are seeing is well setup cars. On slick it takes a different setup and different driving style. Traction control wont make a poorly setup car suddenly fast.

And I am not sure any track has rules allowing it. Most just arent able to catch it.

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posted March 28, 2005 06:42 PM  
Do you realize that the most common traction control used at this time has NOTHING to do with the msd box.
The reason I know this i am in the process of helping somebody put it in!!!!
Local tracks will NEVER police traction control.Just becasue somebody keeps the car straight does not mean he has it.When the brakes spark going down the straight away is a much better clue!!!!!!

P.S. It cost around 2,000
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posted March 28, 2005 07:32 PM  
We have an awesome TC setup that passes tech everytime...yet to be discovered by alot of the drivers out there. Top secret real well unless alot of mud builds up on the bottom of my right foot.

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posted March 29, 2005 07:47 AM  
I agree flyin353

I have spoken to several top Late Model drivers and chassis builders about TC, they admit to trying it on several occasions and different tracks. The results were the TC improved lap time by 2-3 tenths of a second. They said the cost of TC (over 6K) is not worth the results.
They also said they got the same results just by simply retarding the overall timing in the engine.

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posted March 29, 2005 03:57 PM  
As I have said, I do not know much on it except it can run from $6K to $16K. I like the last two ideas the best. Set the car up right and do it somewhat evenly. I have spoken to a few late model drivers on this too. The one that sticks out the best was the guy that told me that he had to have it to compete. He is doing it for a living and has to. I just don't like the idea of this being allowed at the track. It is an edge that only a few can afford in the type of racing we do.

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posted March 29, 2005 05:11 PM Look it up Traction control starts at $2500 not 6k the spark box is another $225 there you go less then 3 grand and you can compete with anyone. There as small as a watch battery and you dont need to hide them in the spark box but MSD has a Traction control detection in there factory sealed boxes hinch the need for the davis box. If your going to spead ills atleast know the information. Yes traction control ***** but it is here to stay.

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