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Author Topic:   Is this a Z-link?
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posted March 21, 2005 03:26 PM  
Run a 4 bar car with following setup.
4/4 LF, 3/4 RF, 4/4 LR, 3/4 RR shocks.
57% rear, 52% right, 50% cross (85lbs bite).
Left Upper bar 17in 15 degree, Left Lower bar 15in 5 degree up.
Right Upper 19in level to rear, Right Lower 0 degree.
When car is 4link/4link with this setup turns fine and have good forward bite. Problem is that track gets extremely rough when heavy and 4 link is jumpy. Z-link supposed to calm car down, so I put a bracket on the right side to mount the upper 4 link to the rear. When the bar is moved to the rear though the car has a massive throttle push. Changed springs to add right rear, lowered crossweight to 49% and made no difference at all. Put upper bar back forward at 15 degree and car will turn. Finally, question is, is this actually a Z-link. And if it is how do you get it to turn, extremely low crossweight around 46% or something? Please help, I may be coming to a track near you.

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posted March 21, 2005 03:37 PM  
yes thats a Z-link but as far as how to make it turn. I dunno. Never ran one LOL! Sorry. Hey Zero!!!!! LOL!! zero is the Z-link wiz around here maybe he can help ya'

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posted March 21, 2005 04:17 PM  
ITs got no roll steer on the RR, run the FWD link with some up angle, and the rear link down (towards the ground) some.

That will move the rear end back on the RR and the 4 link will doit thing on the LR.

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posted March 21, 2005 04:18 PM  
With the 4 barRR you are getting roll steer as the car enters the corner and rolls over, freeeing the car up to turn, at the same time with more anlge in the top bar the RR has more drive so it frees the car off the corner as well.

With the z link and flipping the top bar backwards and leveling it out, you are taking out roll steer, leveling out both bars front and back will produce virtually no roll steer. At the same time since there is little angle in the bars it produces less RR drive off the corner so it tightens up on the gas as well.

If you put angle in the z link bars front and rear you will gain back some of the drive and roll steer you had with the 4 link setup. More up angle in the front bar will help loosen on entry, more down angle in back bar will loosen on exit. In your case if its only a throttle push you might want to try moving the back bar to 5 degrees down (to the back)and leave the front bar level. If thats not enough you might want to consider putting a little static trail in the RR to free it up through the middle a little more or put angle in the front bar as well.

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