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Author Topic:   LR Bite Question?
Dirt Forum Racer

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posted March 20, 2005 07:32 PM  
Ok I have heard it a few ways now and was curious on everyones opinion here. If you add more LR bite (Rear Split) does it loosen or tighten a car on corner entry/ Exit? We are running a 4Bar Z link. And just switched this year to a Z link swing arm on the RR with a coil over kit in front of the rear unclamped.

No Limit Racing

Dirt Full Roller

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posted March 20, 2005 09:19 PM  
I believe it loosens entry and tightens exit.


Dirt Full Roller

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posted March 21, 2005 06:15 AM loosens entry and tightens through middle and off.

Dirt Maniac

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posted March 21, 2005 06:39 AM  
As you add left rear to the car & get the off corner bite you need if it is to loose on entry up the left front spring some to tighten back up on entry. cd2

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