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Author Topic:   Tri-state, Outlaw, Speedways Oklahoma
James Birmingham
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posted March 07, 2005 07:56 AM  
Can anyone give me some gear ratios to run at these tracks. I know cars and drivers vary but ya gotta at least get in the ball park.

Dirt Roller

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posted March 09, 2005 10:40 AM  
We run a 5.29 & 5.43 in the E mods
a 5.00 or 5.15 should get you close

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posted March 09, 2005 11:02 PM  
I ran a 5.29 with my a 383 at outlaw, and a 5.14 with a 400. My buddy with a good 350 ran a 5.43. I havent ran tri state so I dont know for there. This is on imca tires also.

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