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Author Topic:   Soft spring, or stiff (theory)?
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posted March 03, 2005 06:55 AM  
Along with the other thread on this site, i wanted to start a new thread about using softer spring or stiffer ones.

Its basicly just a theoritical question.

Which do you prefer? Soft springs, higher RC to control body roll or a stiff spring and a low RC to get the body roll.

Anyone ever played with this on the same car?

Just wondering if there is any adavantage in running either.

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posted March 03, 2005 06:31 PM  
I experimented extensively with front springs on my old car but I never changed the RC. I started with 1050RF 950 LF and worked my way down to 550 on both. It turned MUCH better and was more predictable. I like the weak springs on mine better. Oh yeah, this was a metric chassis. As far as the RC goes, the car had all the factory mounts for the upper control arms and all factory ball joints. Only thing not factory was the tube uppers with screw-in ball joints.

Don't know if thats what you were looking for, but maybe it helps somewhat.


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