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Author Topic:   4 link left, swing arm right HELP!
dan murray
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posted February 25, 2005 01:11 AM  
Just converted a 3 link car and have not ran it yet, we 4 linked left,coilover behind and birdcaged it with caliper mt welded to axle tube, put a swing arm right NOT bird caged, coilover on swingarm. Using an Afco pull bar 17 degrees down, 35" long. Have fabbed mts for j bar left frame mt, rt frame mt and rear long bar mt. What should we try first and what angle for the j bar and the lr/ rr links and swingarm? Weight rule is 2900lbs. It has 57.5 rear 53% left and 52 cross. Any idea for sping/shock rates also? Not sure about swingarm being ok mounted without being birdcaged too. THANK YOU ALL FOR ADVICE!!!

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posted February 25, 2005 06:00 AM  
As far as j bar, i mainly run shorty so can not tell you exactly where to put it, i would start like 3nd hole up going to left side of frame in front, and like 7 inch of rake, maybe somebody else has a better start spot.
on your lr bars go level on lower, 18 up on upper.
rr bar(since there is on bc it only has a lower) go like 8 deg up to front.
250 lr 225 rr.
the car may be too tight, if so then lower lr spring, or raise rr, or lower lr anlge, or raise rr, or add a bc on the rr to free it up, and run a rear bar.
i would start on bilstien 3030 across the back, if you have the cash for split valves i would go with the bilstien equivelent to like a 973 on the lr and a 935. i always get my bilstien numbers messed up without a book in front of me. but the lr shock will let the car up fast and settle slow, and the rr shock will let it roll over and hold it there longer.

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