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Author Topic:   Newbie to mods need chassis advice
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posted February 21, 2005 04:03 PM  
I just picked up a 96 kurt larkins roller. It has z link both sides, long pull bar, 30" panhard in rear attached to chassis on the left side. It has springs mounted to wt. jacks , directly over the rear housing, just inboard of the floaters,no spring sliders, just open coils on spring plates.
I have NO seat time in a mod, moving up from a mini. I have this car completely apart, and am a good fabricator. My question is, should I leave it as is & learn to drive & adjust what I have, or, should I add mounts for J bar,4 link, or others? P.S. 1/4 mile mid bank track, lots of traction ,never dry slik.

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posted February 21, 2005 04:12 PM  
if it is already apart, then go ahead and add a j bar mount, and 4 link mounts on the lr at least. then i would start out on the z link with a j bar and get used to it.
but while it is apart you should go ahead and put in the mounts, much easier now than to 4 link a car with the body on it.

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I would suggest putting on the mounts, but you may want to run it as a 3-link for your first year until you get used to setting up a mod. A 4-link setup is tricky to dial in and the 3-link can be more forgiving. You use the same mounts for both, and it's easy to switch to a 4 or 4/z later. Good luck and welcome to the party!

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posted February 21, 2005 05:33 PM  
I agree mod70 I would recommend putting the J-bar on it and adding 4-bar brackets and then run it on a 3-link. It will be much easier to drive and adjust. Then once you get that figured out go to the 4-bar.

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