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Author Topic:   just got a 03 bms swing arm good or bad
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posted January 17, 2005 03:10 PM  
I just bought a 2003 bms mod swing arm metric framenever ran this nice of car is this a good chassis and rear susp? i only ran a old buddy mullens 2 link on ford clip not very nice ride thanks for all your help run at 81
speedway wichita ks 3/8 mile


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You might send a private message to zeroracing. I believe he had a BMS swing arm in the past.

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posted January 18, 2005 12:32 PM  
I have a 1999 bms car, from the newer cars and pics i have seen not a whole lot is different from 99-03. i run metric lowers and stock mount uppers, chances are(99.9%) that you have hiem uppers and nova lowers.
With this set up i suggest chacking bump steer if you are able to, or calling bms and asking them for bumpsteer advice, or other front end advice with the nova lowers.
now for rear suspension this one is great, what panhard bar is on it? many have the long behind so you need to change to a front mount j bar or shorty.
i have ran at a bunch of tracks in mo and never had any major problems with anything. except around the motor mounts, i added gussets to keep it from tearing out.
the bms on swing arm is great on rough tracks and not too bad on dryslick.
in fact about 2 min ago i got off the phone with bms, had to order some parts for my car upper arms, and seals. but they are a great group of guys, i have never really called for tech help but they seem to be very helpful as far as which parts to use or replace. but anyways i think you will be very happy with your bms car. i know i am happy with it.

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