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Author Topic:   mud plug on 5" backspace wheel?
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posted December 27, 2004 07:48 PM           send a private message to sixwillwin   Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/QuoteBBBBBB
I usually run the foam mud plugs on my 3 in backspace rr wheels, I have never had any mud or other problems with them..

I bought some 5 in backspace beadlocks for dry slick, which I am thinking I wont need the plugs for anyways, but should I just cut down a foam plug to fit in it anyways?? or is it not needed??

Never have had any mud packed in my rr but have had it inside my lr.. lr shield is illegal.

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posted December 27, 2004 08:22 PM  
cutting down the foam works or you could try using the plastic plugs that mount with 3 1/4 turn fastners.


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posted December 28, 2004 07:49 AM  
We have cut them down before and they worked fine. I think the platic is better, metal is better yet. We had mud get pushed up and under the foam once.

Use the largest zip ties you can find and tie the to the spokes on the LR and let the tail hang inside the wheel. It wont keep it all out but it will help some.

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posted December 28, 2004 09:09 AM  
run the foam. have you ever noticed sometimes a late model will run foam ones on the left side also?? the foam holds heat, so as your racing the tire may get a little warmer under green, but under caution the foam will release some of its heat into the tire. so your tires will stay a more constant temp. ok some guys are like so what about constant temp. well everytime you go through a heat cycle you can glaze the tires over(same reason you grind them between races).
the foam will cut down on your chances of glazing tires under caution or reds. me and a friend both did it before,(same race) we went out without the foam, long red came out, and went back green and we went to the back like rocks tires were completely glazed on both cars.
now i would like to run them all the way around the car if they would let me. all the time.

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posted December 28, 2004 12:05 PM  

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posted December 28, 2004 04:00 PM  

Thats sounds like a good idea, I belive I'll try that this year. I used to run a foam mud plug in the RR, but quit using it. I wasn't getting any mud so I figured it was useless, but I never thought about the heat issue. Good thinking.

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