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Author Topic:   Year In Reveiw
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posted December 16, 2004 10:50 PM  

Well guys, Here is how my season went...

We started off the year with a bang, ran 7th from 21st in the first time in the car under full power, ever!! After that we led a lot of laps, got a lot of seat time and got real cozy on the dry slick tracks. We had many good finishes, and some not so good that were overshadowing the laps that i led. I had led many laps up until our best run of third, led the whole race and with 2 to go on the restart i buzzed off the tires in 1 and 2 and got passed... live and you learn. Over all i learned a ton this year and have been told by many people that i'll be one to watch next year. This year i ran with a car that nobody said would ever be fast... i prooved them wrong...
I have a wealth of knowledge on modified suspention's and so fourth. I learned from the best in my eyes, a guy that i respect almost as much as my dad, Rick Gustin... many of you know or have heard of him, and i've had the priveledge to wrench for him for the past 6 years, and being 19, he said now is the time to get in and get my seat time. It wouldn't be possible for me to race without My parents, The whole gustin family, Defrance family, and some great sponsors and friends. This year I did most of the work on the car myself... i guess i am picky...

check out the pics and feel free to comment on them or your year too!!! i'm here to help you also!

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posted December 17, 2004 06:57 AM  
First year in a mod,drove a mod that was built 10 yrs ago,car was heavy,and not enouph rear %,too much left side wight.
I went from winning alot,leading points in a street/factory stock to being nearly lapped in a heat race at the beginning of the year.Year went horrible performance wise,But I learned a great deal about mods,Got a new car for the 2005 season.We had a few good runs to the end of the year,as we started replacing older things like new sliders that sat for 10 years in the great outdoors,thought I couldget them freed up and thought the were okay till I got a new roller bearing sliders,and threw the old ones in s**** pile,would feel bad giving them away!BUt looking foward to next year in a new mod.

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