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Author Topic:   Pros/Cons with coil over
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posted December 07, 2004 08:18 PM  
We are a simple minded team who just likes to race. But what is the Pros/Con of running the coil over or coil over eliminator

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posted December 07, 2004 08:23 PM  
In my opinion, the coil over shocks with small springs free the cars suspension up more than running coil over eliminators and a seperate shock. Thats my OPINION and I'll tell you my reasoning....... With an eliminator the spring is running on a shaft, and the shock (of course) is running on a different shaft. Now if both sides (LR and RR) had the eliminators and shocks in the EXACT same angle, pitch and so forth there would be no problems. You think, well thats easy to do. Yes it can be, when my car was built it had the exact same angles. But what I found was, no matter how close you think you have it, any little bit will make it bind. As the shafts and bearings break in they will have movement. This movement causes bind. With a coil over shock everything is riding on one shaft per side, which equals less bind. I have ran both and I currently use the big springs on eliminators so it will be legal for my track, but if you can, run coil over shocks. If not you might think about mounting the spring in a way that an eliminator is not needed. Thats my THEORY! It may be wrong but thats what I THINK!!

Hope that helps some.

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