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Author Topic:   Mopar Modified parts HELP
Dirt Freak

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posted October 17, 2004 09:13 PM  
I am helping out a friend of mine, he is putting a Mopar 360 in his Modified, he bought it as a roller, but had a chevy engine in it.
I need to find out where I can get Motor mounts for the Mopar engine that will bolt down to the chassis. I also need to find a set of Aluminium pulleys 1:1 ratio. So far that is all we need to put the motor in.
Thanks for your help

Dirt Full Roller

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posted October 18, 2004 01:48 PM  
If I remember right,, I seen a Mopar mod at a track.Yhey used the chevy mounts, but welded tabs on them to bolt to the Mopar engine.But then how they got the motor mounts to match up at the chevy frame mounts I don't know? I do know you can buy a Mopar engine plate for the rear.

Dirt Roller

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posted October 19, 2004 08:10 AM  
I have always made my own motor mounts and with my latest car I made the mid plate. With my Pro car I used the mid plate from Speedway motors. It was OK but some of the holes had to be slotted.
supposably has motor mounts and mid plates.

Hope this helps

Dirt Roller

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posted October 20, 2004 09:16 PM  
I have raced them for years, and won. Still have lots of parts for sale call 402-339-7117 jerry warner

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