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Author Topic:   Chasis
Rat Trap
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posted September 29, 2004 03:41 PM  
How exactly can you tell what chasis you have your mod built on? I believe its built on a Crown Vic, but want to find out forsure. Its a Buddy Mullens car (wichita, ks)
We are thinking of getting a Black Diamond made, what would be recommended to have it made on?

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posted September 29, 2004 04:28 PM  
The most popular to get a new mod built on would be either the "metric" chassis or the 68-72 chevelle chassis. The metric is narrower than the chevelle, its just up to you which on you want. The chevelle chassis normally will cost you around $200 more due to the fact they are getting hard to find. The metric normally has to use a stiffer spring on the front and uses 8.5" front springs were as the chevelle uses 8". You can put the nova lower control arms on the metric to make it wider. I have ran both, I have a metric now but I liked my chevelle better. Its all driver preferrence in my opinion. Hope that helps.

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