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Author Topic:   shocks
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posted September 06, 2004 05:53 PM  
ok i know it has been hit a few times but who out there has qa1 shocks? i know of one guy that runs them with good luck. i want some feedback on them. i run bilstiens now, but breaking them and wanting to go to split vavles will get way pricy. and so i am looking into qa1 shocks.
anybody out there have them?
also i am looking at running cantalever front shocks, ego had talked to me about them some before but i lost that pm. so any advice on them guys? what kind of vavle differnces have you seen when you go to them over conventinal mounted shocks.

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posted September 06, 2004 07:52 PM  
Zero I sent you a PM about the mounting drawing of the shock setup. What specificly would you like to know about them? I do not remember exactly what we talked about last time. We have run the QA1 shock a few times and have had good luck with them. I believe they were RCI until a few years ago. We ran the RCI and liked them, we had a sponser who's business initials were RCI so he bought us all of the shocks we needed.

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posted September 07, 2004 07:04 AM  
I've researched shocks extensively over the past couple of weeks and the best shock for a Mod is the Bilstien "SN" series. Its rebuildable, revalvable, and all parts are replacable. A wee bit exspemsive thou, cost you about 200.00 bucks a shock, although you only need 4, and maybe a xtra or two.

They are also a nitrogen shock with a floater piston between the oil and gas. So its not a emulsion type shock, plus its not a shock that uses a base valve which in my mind is a downfall with QA1's.

The best inexpensive shock is the QA1's thou, 88.00 bucks a piece and there rebuildable and revalvable is a good deal, but in performance the Bilstien SN series would be much better.

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