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Author Topic:   Moving to Mod?
Dirt Maniac

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posted August 30, 2004 12:05 PM  
Iím thinking of moving over to mod next year, but still weighing options. I have a chance to get an older turnkey coil over mono leaf at what seams like a reasonable price. Would it be worth the effort to try and run this car at a very completive Ĺ mile dirt track or would I be giving up too much to the four bar and other combinations. Also how complicated is the set up on these? My experience so far is with streets (very good at setup) and 3 bar pros (still learning, but good grasp).

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posted August 30, 2004 12:17 PM  
If its an older leaf car I would update to a link suspension of some kind providing the rest is in good shape or use it for parts and find a newer chassis and use your parts on it.

Dirt Maniac

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posted August 31, 2004 09:09 AM  
Thatís kind of what I thought I might have to do. Iím still in the looking phase right now and trying to find a good used car. From what I have seen on you web page photos your chassis is setup very similar to the way I built my Pro stock, which would be nice as some of the knowledge learned could be transferred. However, I havenít seen any used up around this way. How much do you figure it would cost to convert this coil/mono car over? It may not be as much of a deal then. I really donít need a parts car; I have most everything I need from my Pro stock. However, being an IMCA track I will need to build or buy another motor and use the one I have for special event only.

graham jackson
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posted August 31, 2004 10:38 AM  
Nothing, worng with starting in a leaf car. Just make sure the car is bind free. Leaf's cars are easy to setup and good for someone starting in mods.

if the car is built by one the chassis shops that still builds and supports leaf cars then you will be fine.

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