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Author Topic:   Basic two bar set up
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posted August 14, 2004 11:45 AM  
What would be a good starting point to set up a two link, I have a long panhard bar, 40 inch torque link(spring type) where should I start angle's on RR bar LR bar panhard bar and torque link and pinion angle. Air pressure.The track I will run will start tacky and turn dry slick.thank's in advance for any help.

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Average 2-link S.U.:
LR bar 15 to 20 deg.
RR bar 10 deg
pan bar 15 deg
spring arm 20 deg
pinion 7 to 9 deg (I"m pretty sure)
air press: Left side 10 - 12 psi
Right 12 - 14
57 to 60 %rear
51 to 53 %left
50 to 54 %cross

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