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Author Topic:   Indexing bird cages
Dirt Full Roller

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posted August 06, 2004 08:35 AM  
I understand the meaning but can someone please explain how much and what are the effects of having forward of the centerline or rear of the centerline or right on. Thanks

Ego Racing
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posted August 06, 2004 10:23 AM  
It control who the chassis reacts to the bars. A shorter bar reacts quicker but if the reaction is to quick and you adjust the indexing of the birdcage within reason and depending on the type of cage, you can make the car think it is on a longer bar. The car reacts to the bar length as the length from the chassis to the center of the rear housing.

Dirt Full Roller

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posted August 06, 2004 10:57 AM  
Jeez what happen to the smiles guy?? steroids?? So just like anything there has to be a limit as far as too much vs too little right? I remeber a post referring to having the cages indexed rear by 3/8". Thanks for the input Ego I understand the why now. I'm interested now in the testing part. My car was a pavement car & we had to fab in a 4 bar set-up on the left. (4bar on both sides now) The upper is shorter than the bottem and I'm thinking of making a plug to correct this. But without the plug what can I expect??

Dirt Freak

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posted August 06, 2004 05:18 PM  
I think alot of it matters were your spring is at on the back of the bc or clamp up front mine is clamped and the bc is straight up when i jack the car up it goes foward running the spring behind i can see were you may need the bc to tilt toward the rear because the bc will index but help me out here if i am wrong good post here

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