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Author Topic:   Switching J bar to "shorty"
foolish farmer
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posted August 02, 2004 08:55 AM  
We are currently running a 2 bar springs ahead of axle, J bar mounted in bottom hole right side of pinion, biscut pullbar mount left of driveshaft. On a dry slick track, we are comming in with the left rear about 15 degrees cooler then the right. Will running a shorty bar left of the pinion load the LR and help with forward bite ? Suggestions on length and angel ?

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posted August 02, 2004 09:00 AM  
yes it will help tighten the car up. We have run it about pinion level and 3" rake to the frame. Thnking about taking a little more angle out to settle it down a little more but havent decided yet. Ours is about 10-11" long i beleive.

Forgot to mention that is on our 4 link car. When we ran a short 2 link we ran the shorty with more angle like 5-6" rake but havent tried that much on this car. Taking angle out really settles the car down but seemed to still get good bite with it.

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