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Author Topic:   Should I buy??
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posted July 21, 2004 03:34 PM  
Hey guys, I just got offered a great deal on a modified, and I was wanting to get some opinions before I run out and buy it. I have been wanting to move up for quite some time and I know there are ALOT of differences between mods and street stocks. A guy I know just got into a tight spot, and he wants to sell me his modified chassis for $300. The car is a homemade chassis, not sure what it is a copy of. It was built in 1998, it has never been wrecked. It was ran mostly on asphalt (which concerns me, because I run on dirt). It has the cockpit, steering, springs, fuel cell, and rear end (9 inch). He says it has all the mounts for front end, and it could be rolling within a weeks time. The car is setup for 4-bar rear suspension. My question is, would this be something I could work with?? Or should I just leave it alone?? Also, is there any web pages out there with good 4-bar setups for a high banked half mile track (gets very dry), or a page that explains how the 4-bar works under a mod?? What kind of changes would have to be made to run it on dirt?? Thanks in advance.

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Sounds to me like the $300 would be worth the parts alone. For that kind of money it would be a good way to see if mods are for you without spending a bundle. My teamate started in an asphalt chassis and was able to do OK in it, had a few top 5's. If you're unsure about running a 4 link you can also set it up as a 2 link.

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posted July 21, 2004 07:10 PM  
Thanks for the reply. I know the rear end alone is worth the money. It will be a slow project that I am gonna work on. I want to learn as much as possible about one before I go out there running it. I plan on buying the IMCA mod book from speedwaymotors to kind of guide me along. I know I can easily get the money back out of it. This board has helped me alot on my Street Stock, and I look forward to maybe working with some of you mod guys in the near future.

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posted July 21, 2004 08:09 PM  
Link with 4-bar information

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posted July 22, 2004 06:19 AM  
sounds like a good deal to me. I'd buy it.

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posted July 22, 2004 08:09 PM  
Here in Florida there is a guy that runs a harris asphault car and just swaps it to dirt when they want to run dirt and he wins regularly with it on both tracks. BUY IT!

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