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Author Topic:   Loose in
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posted July 20, 2004 04:00 PM  
Here is my ?. laser swing arm car.


lr brake floated towards the front
rr brake floated the the rear.

The car is loose getting into the corner.
I can adjust the brake bias but i cant seem to find a happy middle. To much rear and car gets pretty side ways and when back in the gas it comes right around. adjust it to the front a little at a time and it doesnt seem to help then all of a sudden it will push right over the edge of the track. what i have noticed is that the rf spring is bottom out according to the shock travel indicator. Will placing the 850 on the left and putting a 950 in the right help or will it plant thr rf and still cause the same problem. If i slow down at coner entry it is better but once back in the gas the car seems to do a 4 wheel slide right to the top of the track. will a short bar mounted to the left of the pinion help with side bite. the lr brake floater rod has a lot of angle in it. Im going to take some out and see if it helps but other suggestions would grateful thanks.

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Rear springs seem WAY too stiff. Pull that 325 off and put a 200 on. That will give you more body roll and sidebite when you go in. That should help to stop that sideways slide by planting the RR.

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posted July 20, 2004 07:40 PM  
My mistake the lr is a 325 and the rr is a 275. Which i corrected in my first post. The springs are mounted on the lower swing arm which from my understanding will use a stiffer spring because of the double motion but i can try a 225 in the rr and see if it helps since thats the only other spring i have and if it does i can get a new 200 and try it. What will that do to my exit. will it make it tighter off?

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posted July 20, 2004 08:09 PM  
with swing arms your going to be stiffer on your spring rates so dont go too low.
now to fix your problems
1)loose in-raise the lf spring to like 850
take angle out of the lr brake bar.
take most all the angle out of it.
2)comming around onthe gas, is telling me that you are bitting too much with the rr and not enough with the lr. so you may go a few ways with this. less angle in the rr rearward bar, make it more tward level.
add angle tothe rr rearward bar, more downhill to back. and put the 225 on the rr.
good luck

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posted July 21, 2004 07:01 AM  
Stiffen LF spring by 50lbs.

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posted July 21, 2004 09:51 AM  
Thanks for the info. Were having a practice session tonight and were going to make some small changes that were suggested one at a time and see how things go.

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posted July 21, 2004 10:29 AM  
lower the brake bar on the left side to flat or neg. angle , raise the rr brake bar up to stick the rr. with angle in the lr brake bar it will pivot aroung the bar and make it loose, by lowering it the right side will bite more.

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posted July 21, 2004 01:57 PM  
Can someone please explain exactly why a stiffer left front spring will tighten entry? I realize it will keep more weight on the left front when entering the corner when you add a more stiff spring, but how does that help the loose in condition? I understand how a stiff right rear can help with side bite and how a stiff left rear can help with drive off the corner, but still having a tough time with what the front springs do. I'm just thinking that if you stiffen the left front when loose in, then you stiffen the right front for tight in...and that makes no sense to me. I'd figure the car would push even more when you put more weight on the right front (more dynamic cross even, right?). Thanks in advance!!

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posted July 21, 2004 07:40 PM  
Ok. went to practice with the lr brake bar close to being level and it seemed to help. The rr brake rod can not be moved it is mounted to the rear and there is no adjustments. it can only mount in one place. We were going to make a another small adjustment but as usual the rains came again like clock work on practice day.Plus there isn't alot of track prep either, mud in the bottom and dust at the top. Quess we will run on saturday they way it is and go from there. Next ? I have a new set of american racer tires (hards) with no more the 20 laps. Have been running mediums most of season.I was thinking of siping and softening the hards and was wondering if you can get them as soft as the mediums. I have never used the softener before but really can not afford to buy a new set of mediums. There is not a lot of racing left that fits into my work schedule and would like to use what i have. Any info or instruction would be of great help. Thanks

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posted July 22, 2004 08:21 PM  
don't even mess with the hards. you'll be out to lunch right off the bat.we also have a laser thats older than yours. i think you know who that is.still making changes to ours and it is working. get left to bite then work on right. always let left lead. you can always look at ours.probably see ya next sunday..

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posted July 22, 2004 11:56 PM  
Ok Let me think. There is only one other person that i know who is running a laser older then mine. If its who I think it is the info you gave me helped alot. Thanks. Im still tweaking alittle here and there but cant seem to get enough seat time to see if it helps or not.(My days off = rain). and i need the seat time as you can tell.So I guess I'll have to start running on saturday. AMR don't seam to want to add any more sportsman to the schedual and rumor has it that the only ones for next year are the RRS races. Look out MCR here I come. Any tips for running at MCR I'd like to at least beat the #3 car. See you Saturday

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