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Author Topic:   brake pads
Dirt Freak

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posted July 12, 2004 06:42 PM  
Whatever is cheapest. I've never spent more than $25 to put brake pads on the whole car, and we've never had trouble getting all year out of them. The key is to just not use them.

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posted July 12, 2004 09:10 PM  
I use the cheap non metalic on the rear and the lifetime metallic on the front. the rears i wear out but they work real well lots of stopping power with minamal rotor wear. The fronts last for ever and will allways have less stopping power than the rears.

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Just use the bumper of the guy in front of you!

Rat Trap
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posted July 12, 2004 11:17 PM  
I used the wall last weekend to stop. OUCH! Brake pads are fine, but it broke the rotor in several pieces and i can now use the lower A arm to hang something on the wall with.

Dirt Freak

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posted July 13, 2004 07:03 AM  
We run the Hawk Black pads.They cost more than the cheapies but they really stop well (like power brakes).We had a problem with the cheapies fading when we really needed them.It also works well to run the cheapies on the front and the good ones on the rear. It gives you better brake balance adjustment.
Good Luck!

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