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Author Topic:   air pressure/ tire temps and stagger
Dirt Freak

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posted June 29, 2004 05:15 PM  
With the unequal rise in tire temps and air pressure...has anybody got a guess what kind of change in stagger would develope... the bar cars seem to be much more forgiving then our coil-over car with this later in the feature.. they seem to still be able to hook up coming out down low...we do alright as long as we run the top side...Any ideas on how to help this out

Dirt Freak

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posted June 29, 2004 08:39 PM  
I check air pressures right after the race, as soon as the car pulls in, this tells me what air pressure they are rising to.
Knowing the air pressure at the end of race I can check out stagger with those air pressures.
Say I set my pressures and stagger before the race, after the race I have 5 pounds more in the rr 3 pounds more in the lr, and have about 1/2" more stagger (I think this is your problem?) well first of all I set my car up for the last 10 laps of race not the first, so I use less stagger or start off with less air pressure, so the tires will grow to the correct stagger, the trick is telling the driver to keep the tires warm during cautions.
I have learned over the years that using Nitrogen in the tires is more predictable and grows a lot less when tires warm up, so I only gain around 1-2 pounds of air and the stagger stays the same or close to it. usally the stagger stays exact from beginning to end, there is another trick doing this as well, sometimes you want a little more stagger towards the end of the race, so fill up the rr with normal airthe reat with Nitrogen, it will increase air pressure as the tire warms up hence increasing tire stagger. It may only be a couple of pounds and maybe 1/4"-1/2" more stagger but sometimes that is all you need.
I guess thats enough secrets from me for now, but hope this helps out.

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If you're worried about stager change due to pressure increase, run bleed off valves on the wheels. I run them on my rears to maintain size and pressure. I've found the Longachre types work really well.

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