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Author Topic:   Powerglide to Falcon, Bert, or Brinn
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posted June 28, 2004 07:06 PM  
For the guys who have switched from a Powerglide to a Falcon, Bert, or Brinn, did you have to change gears in the rearend or was you able to run the same gears? Any RPM change if you still run the same gear?


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posted June 29, 2004 05:42 AM  
No rpm change that I noticed.

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posted June 29, 2004 07:50 AM  
We switched from a Bushore Powerglide to a Falcon this year. We did see an increase in RPM, and a noticeable increase in engine power. The powerglide has intenal drag that the Falcon does not have. We haven't changed gears because we are still in the power band. The driver says it's easier to spin the tires now and you have to get accustomed to the extra power. We run claimer stuff and keep the RPM in the 6300 to 6800 range.

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