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Author Topic:   Why is this Happening
Dirt Full Roller

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posted June 22, 2004 11:21 AM  

My car last week on tacky oh man it was fast. lf650 rf750 lr300 rr200 short and long 2link swing arm. j- bar 9inches on frame 2nd from bottom on pumpkin. Biscuit bar.dw-8 scales good. 80 lbs lr bite. car rolls into corner lr lifts lf comes up about 3-5 inches and it's a rocket off the corner. track went dry I put one round in left rear to tighten me up. first lap in feature car rolled in to the corner hiked up lf came about 8-10 inches off the ground at it's peek it broke the tires loose and it drop loosing all forward I went backwards. same thing in every corner for 16 laps. What did I do wrong?? Track is smooth 1/4 with some tacky on the bottom slick in the middle and good cusion at the top for the feature. NOTE I had the j-bar lower early in the season but did not have enough side bite to stick the car going in. it never lifted the lf like that and I don't want it to it's good at the 3-5 inches. please advise thanks in advance

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