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Author Topic:   High rear percentage- crossweight
Racer 10
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posted June 20, 2004 02:02 PM  
When running high rear percentage 60% as you add rear do you increase cross also? short 3 link car, shorty panhard, front springs straight up, rears 75lbs heaver on lr, both springs in front of the axle, clamped to housing.Spring loaded top link. Running 200lbs of lr good in tack but lacking in slick 65* difference in rear tire temps lr cooler do you just keep adding wedge to even up temps? shock travel on all corners normal. Any opinions appreciated

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The general rule about cross to rear % is that as rear % is increased it will tighten the car on entry and loosen under power on exit. An increase in cross will offset this condition to return the car to a neutral set. Are you fighting a tight- loose condition? Could use some more info on your problem as well as setup. What are the spring rates, including spring arm, and pre-load on the arm? What is your cross now? What angle on short bar?
Moving RR spring behind axle will help in slick.

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